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Wine at The Warehouse

Wine at The Warehouse


Food, Wine and Music

by Danilo Di Salvo, co-founder, gvino UK

On the 3rd of November we pitched our stall at a very different type of event for us at gvino UK- Wine at the Warehouse in London

#1 Wine in a Warehouse?!

The event was organised by Darren, Aaron and Seth to be a chilled food, wine and music event in a fantastic space in London called Patchworks. Interestingly, Patchworks is part furniture factory and part events space (yes, you read that correctly!) designed to showcase local artists and makers. So, literately a warehouse in North London. The space had been decked out with chairs, tables, a pool table and lot of other odd and wonderful furniture to create a warm, cosy yet abstract environment.

#2 Who was there?

Recently, we have had wine expert David Morgans helping us out at gvino UK and we were delighted to have him with us at this event. In addition to gvino UK, The Finest Wines Available to Humanity were there with a selection of wines made in various parts of the world by wine journalist Darren Smith. What a treat for food! Luto joined the party with some delicious Philippine food. Indeed, their pork belly was a delicious accompaniment to our Baia’s Qvevri Tsitska wine.


#3 Did we have a good time?

In short, yes! It was noticeable that the majority of the attendees had tasted Georgian wine before, which is fantastic news. When we started out back in 2017/18 around 10% of wine tasting attendees had tasted Georgian wine- that number is now far, far higher. We were allowed to take ten wines for tasting, and we could sell bottle and wine by the glass. Within the first few minutes, we already had a convert to Baia’s beautiful Tsitska Tsolikouri blend. She bought a bottle to share with her fella over the evening. As usual our Qvevri Saperavi was a fan favourite and we sold out with an hour to spare.

#4 What did people think of our wine?

We received overwhelmingly good feedback. We are so proud to stock such fantastic Georgian wine. We found that amber (or orange) wine is becoming more popular and many people initially asked for amber wine. Our two Vazisubani Estate amber wines blew many people away with their complex flavours and long tannic finish. Indeed, many people came to our table to ask for the ‘funky smelling amber wine’ or in other words, Qvevri Khikhvi! Another wine that was very popular was Gvantsa’s Tsitska Pet Nat, a beautiful sparkling white.

#5 What’s next?

We have many exciting things up coming over this festive period. We are very proud to have released our first episode of our Georgian road trip on our You Tube channel. Our next episode will be released very soon – subscribe to our You Tube channel to know when it’s out! This episode will focus on Imereti and includes a visit to Baia’s Wine in Obcha. Not to be missed!

We are also all prepp’d for Christmas! We offer a gift wrapping service, including a hand written gift card and throughout November you will get FREE DELIVERY! We’ll drink to that – gaumarjos!

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