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Georgia is an ancient country full of deep routed and historic culture. For outsiders, three distinct styles can be seen in the capital Tbilisi; ancient and religious, Soviet, and uber-modern. These three historical chapters interchange throughout the capital offering a unique experience for any visitor. You never know what you may see around the next corner! Georgians are friendly, extremely hospitable and will always offer you food and wine at any time of the day or night. They are proud of their nation without being over-bearing and are always interested in hearing about other parts of the world.

It can be argued that there are four main elements to Georgian culture: religion, history, food, and wine. All of them are inter-woven into each other: it is almost impossible to separate them. Indeed, many churches often make their own wine in the ancient traditional way. Qvevri wine is perfectly suited to Georgia’s wonderful and rarely discussed cuisine. Perhaps the most famous dish is khachapuri (ხაჭაპური), which is a scrumptious cheese-filled bread. There are many different regional versions from around Georgia, some of which include different fillings. The proper way to eat and drink in Georgia is at a feast, also known as a supra (სუფრა). During a supra, the table is headed by a tamada (toastmaster), who toasts creatively throughout the meal. The wonderful and social tamada experience could only be Georgian.

“A guest is gift from God.”

Georgian proverb

Wine Regions of Georgia

Our wines come from Kakheti in the east, Racha in the north and Imereti in the west.

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