Leamington Spa Food and Wine Tasting 06/10/21

You will taste some of the best Georgian wines paired with handmade Italian cakes and biscuits, and a selection of locally sourced cold meats and cheeses. Not to be missed! Limited places available.

Location: Meet by the Park, 11 Dormer Place, Leamington Spa

Time: 1900 - 2100, 6th of October 2021

Each ticket will give you:

  • Access to the wine tasting
  • Brief Georgian wine presentation
  • Guided tasting to 6 Georgian Wines with expertly chosen pairings
    • including Connubi delicacies and locally sourced cheese / cold meats
  • Further wine and nibbles available after guided tasting
  • A great evening!

About gvino UK:

gvino UK is a specialist importer of Georgian wine to the UK. We are proud to import exclusively selected and award-winning wine from famous vineyards across Georgia. Georgian culture and wine is currently going through a renaissance as Europe discovers more about this beautiful and historic region. Our wines are carefully selected and all our vineyards have been personally inspected to ensure not only the highest quality process, but also to support the development of the vineyards and the local economy. gvino UK was founded in 2017 by Anzor the Georgian, and Danilo the Italian, who became friends while studying at Warwick Business School.

About Connubi:

Connubi means ‘perfect match’ and it was born out of the idea of bringing my family recipes from Northern Italy to Leamington Spa. I use fresh ingredients, to keep my baking authentic and delicious! Fusing Italian recipes with local British ingredients was inspired by the relationship between me and my English husband, James. I love how our two cultures complement each other. Family is so important to me and when we cook food in Italy that’s how we show we love each other! I bake with passion and emotion and I hope that this comes across in every bite that you taste.



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